About us

Yard Handelsonderneming Jan Kemp BVHandelsonderneming Jan Kemp B.V. in Peest is specializes in the import, export and repairing used material handling machinery. 

Handelsonderneming Jan Kemp B.V., in short, Jan Kemp B.V., works mainly for companies in the scrap and recycling. 
Jan Kemp B.V. is a modern company where old-fashioned traditional craftsmanship is of paramount importance. The company is founded by Jan Kemp Sr in 1965 and based in Peest. By 1997, the brothers Jan Willem and Floren Kemp joined as partners. And in 2006, the company passed on to the brothers Floren and Jan Willem Kemp.

Nowadays Jan Kemp B.V. is mainly specialized in recycling equipment. This specialisation makes Jan Kemp b.v makes it to a successfull company.

Jan Kemp B.V., started with no staff, but after a few years the decision was made to employ a couple of skilled mechanics. In the year 2013 the team varied between 5 to 6 employees but at present the number of staffmembers is 10.

Handelsonderneming Jan Kemp B.V. strives to work together with their clients so everything runs smoothly and they can keep up the good working atmosphere. Jan Kemp B.V. is flexible and can quickly respond to the wishes of their clients.
Handelsonderneming Jan Kemp B.V. considers, in addition to the quality of work, work atmosphere and collegiality, security and welfare as a natural spearhead of company policy.

Liebherr Materialhandlers ready to ship.

Liebherr machines ready in our yard.